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Lady D, Lady D with her natural talent and soulful voice has been entertaining in the Bay Area for years. During the late 90’s, she was an original member of the local group still known as Simply Jazz. Manager Spike Connor remembers: "That was back in 1999 and even then Debra was in total command of her sensual, expressive voice. We've worked with a lot of singers since then but no one was ever better at fronting the band. She created a mood by going inside each song and living it on stage; a truly great performer."

In Debra’s words: "It's the story telling. I love painting a picture through songs.” Whether singing jazz, soul, or pop, audiences feel Debra’s passion for the music when she performs. She makes the tunes her own.

Lady D’s band morphs from as few as 2 players (guitar & bass) to as many as 6 (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, saxophone & back-up singer). Some dates are all in one style (jazz standards or pop/soul). Many dates we “mix it up” and take our cues from audience response. For dance events we recommend a minimum of a trio – guitar/bass/drums, though we’ve seen a lot of dancing with guitar/bass & vocals.

Lady D’s debut CD, "Out of Nowhere," was released in 2009.